Save Money on Paleo Foods by Shopping at Aldi

I won’t sugar coat it, eating a strict Paleo diet can be more expensive than a standard american diet (SAD).  There are definitely ways to cut costs and make it work with your budget though.  Like eating a diet heavy in vegetables and avoiding processed foods (even the Paleo kind!).  I wont get too in depth with it since there are literally entire blogs by people about just this subject.  What I will tell you is that you should be doing some of your shopping at Aldi!

Seems kinda crazy right?  In the past Aldi was laden with pretty much only junk food.  Things have really taken a turn though and the tides have changed.  As of January 1, 2017 Aldi has committed to removing 8 pesticides from all items in their stores.  As well as really increasing the amount of organic and gluten free items they carry.  Sure I can’t get all the items I need from their, but being able to go every few weeks and stock up on certain things has helped keep my grocery budget in check.

I took a trip there yesterday and picked up some things.  Below are pics and prices for what my store offers.  There are still many more things that are Paleo at Aldi than what I was able to snap pics of.  So be sure to check it out and save yourself some loot!  Side note:  be sure to bring a quarter for the grocery cart (no worries you get it back when you return the cart!) and bring your own bags too!

They don’t have a huge produce section but they actually offer quite a bit and a section of it is even organic.  One way I save money is by working off the dirty dozen and clean 15 list from the EWG.  I buy the produce listed on the clean 15 and only organic for those on the dirty dozen.


Organic bananas= $.59/lb  Avocados= $.59/each  Cabbage= $1.09  Green onions=$.69/package  Cauliflower=$2.29

Seafood should always be purchased wild caught and not farmed.  Basically farmed seafood are swimming in a concentrated pool of their own filth.  Juuust let that sink in for a second.  Gross.  Aldi carries wild caught salmon, scallops and a few other fish such as tilapia.  They are even sustainably caught!  Heck yeah!


Wild caught jumbo scallops=$9.99/12oz     Wild caught pink salmon fillets $7.39/2lbs

Pasta sauce can get really pricey when you start getting into organic no junk added sauces.    I’ve seen many jars upwards of $6-8/jar!  Ideally we’d all make our own but lets be real, most of us aren’t going to do that.  I’m hoping to this summer but until then I will keep buying the Aldi organic brand and add some extra dried herbs and olive oil to make it taste homemade.

Organic pasta sauce $1.99/jar

Frozen produce is not only a cost saver, it also can be a lifesaver on busy nights or when the fridge runneth empty!  They don’t have a huge selection but they have brussels sprouts and even organic berries!


Frozen Brussels Sprouts $.99/bag 12 oz

A new find was this salsa!  They have always carried some really cool varieties but they only recently came out with an organic one and with pretty clean ingredients!

Organic Salsa $2.29/jar

I normally don’t shy away from healthy oils for cooking. I use a generous amount in my food.  However, there are times that using an oil spray is just needed, such as on a waffle iron, or in a muffin tin.  Every oil spray I have seen, that doesn’t also have soy lecithin in it, (Trader Joe’s coconut oil spray does have this) is about $5/bottle.  I was so excited when I spotted this olive oil spray that only has olive oil in it and a steal at $2.49!!


Olive oil spray $2.49/bottle

Nuts are typically something most Paleo people keep on hand.  Aldi offers a wide selection of them, just be sure you buy raw ones that don’t have added oils.  They also have cashew butter and almond butter!


Shelled Pistachios $4.99/6oz bag

This past year I discovered I don’t react to goat milk products!  It’s been so wonderful being able to eat goat cheese and goat milk yogurt.  I usually snag a few goat cheeses while at Aldi and found a cool red wine variety this trip!


Red wine infused goat cheese $3.99   Garlic and herb goat cheese $1.99

A few other things to grab…

  • Coconut oil
  • Guacamole
  • Raw honey
  • Organic applesauce and squirt applesauce pouches
  • Organic baby food pouches (I take these when we travel for times there is literally nothing else to eat)
  • Rice pasta
  • Kerrygold cheese varieties
  • LaCroix is even there on occasion!
  • Organic ketchup (it has added sugar so if you’re looking for squeaky clean Paleo, skip it)

They are always getting new products in and have one time specials so there are many more things than just the ones I listed!  Check them out and let me know what you think!

Paleo Travel Tips and for Paleo Kids

We are heading on vacation this week for ten days!  It’s a much needed break to sunny Florida away from all the cold and snow we’ve been getting here. I’ve got spring fever BAD!  Having Hashimoto’s means I get cold really easily, then can’t warm up. Winter can be a royal pain in my butt!!  Let’s not even talk about adrenals and stress.  

Being newly paleo I spent the first few weeks of planning this trip a little concerned about what I was going to eat.  We are starting our trip at Disney World for 5 days then switching hotels to chill for 5 days.  I’ve discovered through lots of reading that Disney is extremely accommodating to people with food allergies/intolerances.  While I haven’t been diagnosed yet with any allergies or intolerances, I recently had gluten after 2 months without and had a bad reaction to it. So, I’m avoiding it at all costs now that I’ve ingested some for my tests.  Regardless of testing, I am making conscious choices to eat the most nutritious food I can, which is the Paleo template. 

Eating Paleo at Disney may be a little easier than some other vacation spots simply because they feed hundreds of thousands  of people daily that have so many allergies.  With that being said, Disney dining is expensive!!  I don’t want to spend a small fortune just to eat.  My solution was to pack an entire suitcase of food for the trip.  I’m also packing for my whole family.  The hubs doesn’t eat strict paleo so he’ll probably only eat a few of the things I pack.  My girls, especially my oldest, have quickly learned that healthy food just makes them feel better.  Which means they’ll be happy to have the food we bring.  

I don’t plan on making any full meals while there because we don’t have a room with a kitchenette.  What I packed is meant to be snacks, and fillers for meals. For instance if I get a bunless burger I could eat a squirt fruit pouch with it instead of fries.  

I realize some of these foods could be upgraded to a higher quality but most of those need to be purchased online and I’m not a big online shopper.  Everything I packed I purchased locally. 

Squirt pouches are some of my girls favorite things.  They’re so convenient and its fruit and vegetables!  What’s not to love?!   I buy organic when I can but this is what the store had in stock. 

Freeze dried fruit. That’s the only ingredients in these and they’re organic/non GMO.  Lightweight too so lugging these around is no problem at all. 

Dried apples rings, apricots and mango chips. this brand is great too since they’re all organic and nothing is added. Just fruit.  Olives make a great snack and these are really good. One packet is exactly enough for me. 

Salmon pouches are so convenient!  Almost any quick service restaurant serves salads which could easily be topped with this packet of salmon.  Some side salads are huge, throw this on there and it’s a meal that’s half the cost of a dinner salad.  I could also just tear it open and eat it with a fork. These jerky sticks are so delicious and grassfed beef and free range turkey. My older daughter loves jerky and so do I. We go through a lot of these from our local health food store.  

Macadamia nuts are higher in omega 3’s than most nuts and taste like butter.  My girls beg me to buy these.  The pistachio nuts are the perfect size for one person. Larabar makes these super tasty granola pouches called Renola. They’re really delicious and can be eaten alone, on yogurt or even as a cereal with any kind of milk.  My girls get high quality raw and/or grass-fed dairy so they love these for lunches with yogurt. 

Who doesn’t love Larabars?!  It is the only kind of bars we buy that I can purchase locally.  I realize it’s easy to make my own and I have, but being able to just grab these makes life so much easier sometimes. 

I normally use my glass water bottle but they’re heavy and I haven’t found one with a filter.  These have filters and will save from purchasing water bottles. We can walk up to any quick service restaurant and ask for a cup of ice water, dump it in these and have filtered water for free. 

A bunch of tea bags because I’ve had to cut way back on my coffee consumption to one to two cups a week since its destructive to my thyroid.  Traditional medicinals is an awesome  brand and I love the flavor of the Everyday Detox. The Eaters Digest is said to help with digestion and eating out for ten solid days I’m sure I’ll need some help with that.  Coconut oil packets for anything and everything.  I can easily squeeze some into coffee or tea too. Justin’s almond butter come in these travel pouches and did you see that flavor?? It’s basically Nutella. You can purchase carrot sticks and other veggies and dip in this deliciousness. 

If you’ve got any other great travel tips while eating Paleo leave them in the comments please!  I would love more ideas!