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Dehydrator Chocolate Raspberry Flatbread

I should've titled this post "looks can be deceiving", because the pictures of this Flatbread don't do it justice. My pickier child of the two has been devouring it nonstop. She also thinks she's eating dessert (jokes on her! 😂). This is loaded with nutrients that have been preserved due to it being "raw" from… Continue reading Dehydrator Chocolate Raspberry Flatbread

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Review of Sweetpotato Awesome Slices

This is my first product review on the blog. I figured it'd be easier for my readers to find great Paleo products I love if I keep them all in one place! Just click the Paleo products tab, or search Paleo products in the search box on here and you're good to go! Alright, let's… Continue reading Review of Sweetpotato Awesome Slices

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Dehydrator Blueberry-Coconut Flatbread 

I've tried in the past to make raw veggie flatbread or crackers in my dehydrator but always seemed to fail. I just couldn't get them to hold together or get the right texture.  Then a few weeks ago I grabbed a dehydrator recipe book to search for a way to use up some tomatoes.  I… Continue reading Dehydrator Blueberry-Coconut Flatbread 

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Chocolate Raspberry Banana Protein Bread

I don't care what people say about Monday's, after today I love Monday's.  I had such an amazing day filled with HOPE. This recipe can easily be made into muffins too! It's makes a dozen and they are perfect for snacks, breakfast or added to a kids lunchbox. Give them a heavy smear of butter… Continue reading Chocolate Raspberry Banana Protein Bread