Review of Sweetpotato Awesome Slices

This is my first product review on the blog. I figured it’d be easier for my readers to find great Paleo products I love if I keep them all in one place! Just click the Paleo products tab, or search Paleo products in the search box on here and you’re good to go!

Alright, let’s get to it!  My first review is for a product that is exactly what the name says…AWESOME!!  Sweetpotato Awesome are freeze dried, organic, thick sliced, sweet potatoes.  A direct quote from their site about their slices:

Using a patent pending process to prepare the sweetpotatoes for the freeze drying, our slices not only have a unique texture and high retention of nutrients but a long shelf life as well due to it’s extremely low moisture content.  We sell SLICES, not chips. Our slices are cut at a thickness that allows them to be used like a cracker or in the case of Flat Out Awesome, a piece of toast or flat bread. The thickness of the cut, the nature of the sweetpotato as a root vegetable and the freeze dry process yield a product sturdy enough to dip and scoop a variety of foods to go along with the Awesome. Enjoy!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a freeze dried sweet potato, but man they are delicious! I love everything about them.  The texture is perfect too.  They’re crunchy, but not at all brick-like. Think cracker-ish.  They crunch then sort of almost melt after a few chews.  I have an addiction to chips, no joke I could down a whole bag in one sitting.  These have the benefit of being crunchy and salty like a chip BUT they are very satisfying and filling unlike chips.  Which means I can eat only a few and be totally content without the guilt and bloating.

I received four flavors to try: Dilliciously Awesome which is Dill and Garlic, Chias Awesome is Cinnamon and Chia Seed, Bits of Flat Out Awesome is Sea Salt but in smaller pieces, and Hot N’ Awesome is Dill, Garlic, and Chipotle.

My personal favorite is the Dill and Garlic!  A close second would be the Dill, Garlic and Chipotle.  

We like to travel fairly often and these will make the perfect travel companion for me.  The packaging is thick and unless someone sits on them they probably won’t get smashed.  I can’t wait to make some guacamole and scoop these slices of Awesome into it!

They are having a sale through the end of the year for 17% off too!  So go to their site and order some bags of Awesome with the code awesome17 at checkout.


2017 Health Nut Christmas Gift Guide

Last year the gift guide I posted was such a huge hit that I had to do it again!  I broke it down into price points this year from least expensive to “break the bank and spoil your person rotten”.

Make sure you check out last years post too for even more ideas!

High quality chocolate!  I am hard pressed to pick a favorite brand so I included a link HERE to PaleobyMaileo, a site that carries only the cleanest varieties.  All Paleo approved too.  Some of my personal favorites are… Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter and Pure Vanilla Bean Dark ChocolateHeavenly Organics Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties, and Eating Evolved Dark Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups in Mint flavor (like a healthy york peppermint patty!).  Stuff the stocking with these babies!

Jem nut butters come in two sizes and multiple flavors.  The 1.25 oz jars are perfect for travel, your lunchbox or desk.  Plus the smaller size means you can try the flavors out before purchasing a large jar of it.  Loaded with super foods like maca and camu powder, these nut butters are a perfect stocking stuffer!

Charcoal bar soap!  I have an addiction to natural, clean beauty soaps and charcoal bars top my list!  They are amazing for helping clear up any skin issues and leave your skin smelling clean.  This particular one is inexpensive and has squeaky clean ingredients.

Dryer Balls are amazing! I’ve been using them for years and love them. They eliminate the need for one of the most toxic things in a home…fabric softener.  Yuck. “Hedgehog Dryer Balls, White – Set of 4 – The reusable hedgehog dryer ball reduces drying time, fewer clothes wrinkles and less static cling.”

Epsom salt! Anyone into living a healthy lifestyle would appreciate Epsom salts to soak in the tub with. Plus they’re inexpensive and you can doctor them up but putting them in pretty glass jars with some essential oils! It’s detoxifying and adds much needed magnesium!

Stasher bags!  These silicone storage bags are multi purpose and healthier for you and the environment.  You can use them to sous vide, put them in the microwave, fridge, freezer, and are dishwasher safe!  They come in multiple sizes and colors too.  (I basically want them all!)

Reusable organic cotton produce bags!  I hate using all those plastic produce bags at the grocery store, but I also hate sticking my produce in those dirty, gross carts!  This is the perfect solution.  These bags can be washed, and are very affordable too!

Know Brainer coffee creamers!  I purchased these last year for a vacation and immediately fell in love with them.  The mocha flavor is the only one I’ve had but it was delicious! They are made with MCT oil, clarified grass-fed butter and come in individual little packets.

Green Beauty Makeup like a beautiful red lipstick from Crunchi is the gift that keeps on giving all year.  Lipstick is one of my favorite makeup items and since it is applied to the lips can very easily be ingested.  Be sure to use a brand that is safe and free of harmful chemicals.  This brand is touted by all the green beauty gurus on the internet because it lasts, works, and is safe!  The color Serendipity is calling my name!

Jade Beauty Rollers are more than just for “beauty”.  They also help increase blood flow and lymph drainage, reduce tension headaches, help release sinus congestion, AND reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and so much more.  It’s so pretty too!  Use the code “LUCKYJADE” to get $7 off.

Perfume that won’t mess with your endocrine system, give a headache, or cause cancer…it does exist!  This sampler “minibar” set of Strange Invisible Perfume is the PERFECT gift.  With 7 different scents to try, plus a $50 gift card towards a full size bottle after you choose the one you love most, this gift is sure to be a winner.  I haven’t worn perfume in years because of how toxic it is, but this one is right up my alley!

Luxurious, natural, cruelty free makeup and skincare products that actually work are at the top of my list.  Beauty Heroes has a monthly subscription service that includes over $90 worth of high end, clean beauty products for a fraction of the price!  I have been dying to try this service!  I’m secretly hoping my husband gets me this for Christmas.  They also have hundreds of other truly amazing products, from all price points to pick from without using the subscription.

A powerful food processor!  For anyone who cooks, at all, this is one tool that is an absolute must and can’t live without!  Breville is a known and trusted brand that lasts and works.  This particular model is 11 cups and has a powerful 1000watt motor.  Any chef/cook/foodie would love this!

The Oura Ring is undoubtedly one of the coolest new gadgets for tracking health.  It measures your movement, steps, sleep, heart rate, body temperature (eliminating the need to take a basal body temperature!!), respiratory rate and SO MUCH MORE!!  They are coming out with 3 beautiful new designs in April but are taking pre-orders now.  This is the IT gift this year for anyone who is a health nut.  Use code “HIH” for 15% off at checkout.

A Breville Smart Oven does it all!  “13 Pre-programmed settings include: Toast 9 slices, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Airfry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook, and Dehydrate.”  Yes, it does ALL that!  Which totally justifies it being front and center on the counter.  It would be an absolute perfect gift for any cook, but especially for someone short on space because it does the job of at least 5 appliances.  

2016 Health Nut Christmas Gift Guide

I am so excited to share this post!  It is loaded with really amazing gifts for any health nut in your life, both men and women alike.  The items marked with an asterisk * by the number would also make great stocking stuffers! 

1)  Bioshield Smart phone Quantum Protector Shield     This is something that is at the top of my list!  Our cell phones and tablets are constantly emitting EMF radiation that disrupt our body in many negative ways.   This shield simply sticks to  your phone case and gives complete protection from EMF’s without disrupting service.  At only $19.99 it’s a steal!

2)  Defender Laptop Shield      This is the laptop equivalent to the shield for your cell phone.  This one is a little bit pricier but if you or someone you love is always sitting with your laptop on your lap, it’s definitely worth the investment.  Especially if you are looking to have children.

3) Yoga mat    A great gift to go along with this would be a gift certificate for yoga classes!

4) Yoga Wheel    I have this exact yoga wheel and LOVE it.  I didn’t realize how much I would use it, but it’s truly amazing.  It helps open your back by laying on it and rolling.  As well as doing plank rolls to strengthen your abs.  The possibilities are endless.

5) Essential Oils and Diffuser   Something any natural living person can’t live without is their essential oils and a good diffuser.  It’s also nice to have multiple diffusers for different rooms in the house.  The link will take you to my sister-in-laws essential oil Facebook group, she can help you order and pick oils for your needs!

6) Acupressure Mat     I received this last year for Christmas and use it all the time.  Similar to acupuncture, it helps reduce back pain, muscle tension, and stress.  While increasing circulation, energy, endorphins and improving sleep.  Not bad for a cushioned mat that only costs $19.99!

7) Rebounder Mini Trampoline    Rebounding has many benefits, such as increasing bone density, detoxifying the lymphatic system, increases muscle tone, balance and coordination.  All while being gentle on the joints.  There are many rebounders on the market, I linked to one that was decently priced.

8) Glass water bottle    BPA free is great, but most companies that make plastics have just swapped that out for other plastics that are just as harmful.   One way around this is to use glass, or stainless steel.  I own a water bottle similar to this one and love it.  It also helps keep your water tasting like water and not plastic!

9) Stainless Steel water bottle    I own two of these awesome water bottles.  We used them at Disney in July (100° + weather) and it kept the water icy cold all day!  Plus it has a little mesh ice screen so as you drink ice doesn’t fly up the bottle to smack you in the face.  Even better this can be used HOT or COLD!   It doesn’t sweat or burn your hands.  Prices range from $13-$22 and they are worth every penny!

10) Shower Filter    This is also at the top of my wish list.  Eventually I’d like to get a whole house water filtration system, but until then a shower filter is a great investment.  Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we put on it, including shower and bath water.  Hot water only opens our pores allowing more to be absorbed.  If you click the link, it will take you the description with more info about the benefits of this than I could put in this post!

11) Berkey water filter    Known as the best drinking water filter on the market, this baby is worth its weight in gold.  A quick google search would land you on hundreds of blog posts as to why this is a need.  Be sure to purchase the fluoride filters to go with it too!

12) Fitbit-Blaze    Much like an Apple watch, the Fitbit Blaze does many of the same things and comes in some really pretty colors (or manly if it’s for a guy!).  This is at the top of my wish list this year!  You can also purchase different bands to dress it up or down or just change the style.

13) Foam Roller    Indispensable tool for anyone who works out, or wakes up feeling tense and achy.  I love my foam roller and use it all the time.

14) Himalayan Salt Lamp   These have become pretty widely available and with good reason.  They have tons of benefits!  I have one in every room of our house.

15) Dry Skin Brush  Dry skin brushing is an incredible tool to add to your healthy lifestyle.  It helps detox, reduce cellulite, wrinkles and exfoliates dry skin.  I wrote a blog post last year on its benefits.  Here’s the link.

*16) Electric Hand Milk Frother    I have a travel size milk frother that I use every day.  I would love to use my ninja to make my blended coffee but it wakes everyone up.  One like this is great because it still does a great job of frothing the milk, and blending things like MCT Oil until it’s good and creamy!  At only $12.99 this is great for any coffee lover!

*17) Badger Lip Balm   Every woman loves lip balm and these are incredible.  They have great, all natural ingredients and really moisturize without feeling greasy.

*18) Beeswax Essential Oil Candles     Most candles have artificial fragrances and are made with petroleum.  Both of which are seriously bad for us.  Finding high quality candles that are made with either non-GMO soy, coconut oil, or beeswax can be difficult but they are out there and worth the money for someone who loves candles.

*19) Blue Blocker Glasses    These may look super dorky but they serve an amazing purpose.   Quoted from the site “Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses feature an orange lens with Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) to absorb 98%+ of your computer’s blue light. This improves your focus, reduces eye fatigue, and helps inhibit vision problems like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.”  They also make other styles that are varying price points (and better looking).

*20) EarthPaste toothpaste    This is the only toothpaste I use!  It only has 5 ingredients that are all safe for consumption.  The majority of toothpastes on the market are laden with things that are unsafe and cause more harm than good.  This makes a great stocking stuffer, and given to the natural living person they will appreciate the thought behind it.

*21) High Quality Chocolate     Do I really need to explain this one?  Chocolate.  Without the bad ingredients.  Also, be sure you buy chocolate that is NOT processed with alkali.  That removes the flavonoids (aka the good stuff that makes chocolate healthy!)

*22) Tulsi Tea   This tea, also known as Holy Basil, has endless benefits and is really delicious too!  If you or someone you love has trouble falling asleep they make a nighttime blend that is truly magical!

*23) Charcoal Bar Soap   Women love luxurious bath products.  This charcoal bar is no different and it has benefits like removing impurities from the skin.

*24) Acure Brightening Facial Scrub   I’ve been using this face scrub for a few months now and love it!  It makes my skin so soft and smooth and has a great rating on EWG site.

*25) Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet    Also at the top of my wish list!  Not only is this bracelet really pretty, it serves a purpose!  It’s an essential oil diffuser.  You simply put a drop of whatever scent/oil you want on the felt pad and it’s like wearing perfume!  Without all the endocrine disrupting, cancer causing ingredients of regular perfume.  Plus essential oils have health benefits.  The link will take you to this exact bracelet but there are many other styles available.

*26) Mini Car Essential Oil Diffuser    One more fun way to use your essential oils is with a car diffuser.  I have this and it definitely makes driving more enjoyable.

*27) Subscription to Paleo magazine   A subscription to any favorite magazine!  There is just something special about holding an actual book or magazine in your hands compared to reading a recipe off a computer.  However, you can also get a subscription for a kindle for those peeps that prefer that!

Review of “If You Care” Baking Cups and a Giveaway! 

I am so excited to do another giveaway for you guys!   This giveaway is for a product line that I fully support and love,  If You Care.  Their products are not only high quality and work perfectly but they are also environmentally friendly!   

The mission statement for If You Care says it all…

If You Care kitchen and household products are carefully and deliberately crafted to have the least environmental impact and the lightest carbon footprint possible, while at the same time, delivering to the consumer, the highest quality and most effective results.

These guys truly care about our environment and not leaving a large carbon footprint. Just check out this (click for link) statement on their site about how you recycle or compost all their products. I love that!  I have two small kids and I want them to be able to have a beautiful, healthy, safe Earth to live on the older they get.  

So about these baking cups!  They work so well!!!  I’m not exaggerating when I say I will never buy another brand again.  None of the muffins I’ve made with them have stuck to the liners, something I’ve always struggled with. Typical liners rip half the muffin off and foil liners leach aluminum into our food. No thanks on the metal burden dudes, I already struggle with having to detox from everything else I have going on.  Which is a big reason these liners are such a great find.  They’re also unbleached so they’re (TCF) Totally Chlorine Free (yay for even less toxic burden!!).  Better for you and the environment since it’s not leaching chlorine into our waterways.  The liners come in three sizes too!  Jumbo, large (regular sized muffins), and mini’s!!  I can’t wait to get my hands on the mini’s!  


Paleo Blueberry Muffins with If You Care Liners

Where to buy their products: 

  • I ordered mine from Thrive Market and should tell you they are very reasonably priced!!  
  • Available on Amazon as well. 
  • You can also search their site for where to buy in your area. 

Paleo Cinnamon Streusel Muffins with If You Care Liners


As a celebration for reaching 2,000 followers on Instagram and because I love my followers, I’ve asked If You Care if they would sponsor a giveaway with 5 amazing products they sell!!   The winner will receive one package each of  mini baking cups, large baking cups, parchment paper sheets, cheesecloth, and coffee filters!!  A value of over $25.00!!!  

Rules and How to enter: 

  1. Go to Instagram and follow both myself (PaleoHope) and If You Care. Must be following both to win!
  2. Tag a minimum of three friends, unlimited entries!! On original photo. 
  3. One tag per line. 
  4. Extra entry for reposting the picture. Make sure to use hashtag #paleohope2000 for it to count. 

***Instagram is in no way affiliated with this giveaway*** 

Winner will be chosen using a random generator.  

Good luck to everyone!!  Thanks for all the love and support!!