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What’s Up Wednesday #8

Lets get down to the nitty gritty, juicy details of this post! What you'll find in this episode of What's Up Wednesday... A couple updates to the blog. A new addition to my morning coffee that I'm totally addicted to. A quick review of how my 2018 has been so far...the good, the bad and… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday #8

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What’s Up Wednesday #7

I-am-on-a-roll!  Ok, maybe not totally...but two posts in a month, yay me!  I don't know about you, but summer flew by way too fast!  My kids start school in less than two weeks. I'm still on summer vacation mode and trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer I can with my family.  In the… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday #7

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What’s Up Wednesday #6

It's been way too long (like almost a year *palm to face*) since I've done a What's Up Wednesday post!  Zero excuses for it. Currently my garden is just pumping out the goodness!  Mostly zucchini. Probably because we planted a zillion of them.  I've been giving them away and finding ways to preserve and use… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday #6

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What’s Up Wednesday #5

Crazy to think November is here already!  Even better that by the time you read this the election will be over and all the horrible mud slinging too.  It is utterly painful to listen to the radio and all the ads. Almost all of them highly inappropriate for young children to hear.  Even Instagram is… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday #5