I’m Nicole, a wife and mom with autoimmune disease working on healing my body by using the paleo diet, functional medicine, and hope in God.

I share my faith, health journey, recipes, life adventures, gardening experiences, healthy living practices and more in the hope of helping others.

I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid autoimmune disease, endometriosis, and heterozygous MTHFR.

Thanks for joining me here in my neck of the blogosphere!  I really hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and find something useful or at the very least, entertaining!  God bless!

If you’d like to get in touch with me please feel free to shoot me an email at paleohope@gmail.com

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  1. Hi!
    I discovered you on instagram a couple weeks ago and started following you on there, and just decided to check out your blog! How exciting you were on that news show! I’ll have to check out the clip 🙂
    I just wanted to pick your brain… over the past 6 months or so I have basically transitioned to a paleo diet. It all started because last year I was noticing that I just didn’t seem like myself. I was super irritable, tired all the time and not sleeping well, basically just dragging myself through the days, getting a lot of headaches/migraines, with PMS that was out of control. It got to the point at the end of winter that I was like, I can’t live like this anymore. I did the Whole30, and felt a lot better. I maintained it for a while afterwards, but fell into having more “cheats” and not being as strict. I began to recognize which foods seemed to cause digestive issues and tried to at least avoid those as much as I could. Started to notice some of those symptoms creep back in, finally went to my doctor (I have 2 great doctors) and he put me on a strict diet (basically paleo, but with a few additional restrictions) to try and I feel pretty good. My doctors are in the process of running some labs and bloodwork. I also have a thyroid nodule that my doctor discovered a couple years ago. At the time it all checked out fine and I forgot about it for a while, but now I’m wondering if that is related.
    I know that was really long and probably TMI 🙂 But I guess I’m just wondering how and when you knew you had other health issues going on. What did your doctors do? I’m wondering if my thyroid is causing some of these issues, but if my complaints aren’t as bad now (which I greatly attribute to paleo eating, as well as reducing stress in my life), will things still show up on blood tests? I know all of this can take time but I’m just feeling a little frustrated because usually all the testing seems to come back fine…which is great but doesn’t really answer any questions. I pray about it and am thankful that God has given me 2 great doctors. I am also grateful for people like you and others who are brave enough to share their stories and ideas to help others!
    Thank you for any advice/ideas! 🙂


  2. Just watched you on Full Plate… I have an autoimmune disorder as well, hypothyroid. I am on both synthriod and armour. The meds have helped, but my previous dedication to eating clean has been on and off for the past couple years…and I feel it in my
    Health. I recently received my certification as a Wellness and Nutrition consultant. During my course the benefits of Paleo and the Meditrainian diet were both discussed. Now that I am finished with my class, my focus has turned to being able to help myself with feeling better and dropping some lbs and have taken to Paleo. I was a previous Atkins dieter about 7 years ago. In a few short days, I can honestly say there I already feel better. Thank you for ensuring in your blog and on the show you didn’t push gluten free packaged items. Yes they can be Paleo, but that should be used as occasional treats… Not staple food. The gluten free craze had so many people buying off on the idea but they didn’t lose weight or feel better but they felt good about eating gluten free. That’s just as bad as the fat free craze that got so many people in our country sick and heavier. Congratulations on your success. I will see you on Instagram!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m a huge advocate for just eating real food (JERF) ;)! I still buy a few things here and there but for the most part try hard to make as much as I can. It’s so good to hear you’re already feeling such a positive change! It took me a little longer but once I really got serious about Paleo, the shift was dramatic for me. I sometimes forget how horrible I used to feel because I feel so much better now. There’s HOPE! Can’t wait to connect more!


  3. I saw you on tv today and was very inspired. I was actually unloading bags and bags of vegetables as I had just come home from the grocery store. I immediately went to your website. I was surprised to see how similar our stories are. I have also been diagnosed with Hashimotos and adrenal issues. I am wondering what doctor you see to help you with these issues.
    Thanks, Kristie

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  4. Hey Pretty!

    So I talk about your Insta page and blog ALL the time in our newsroom. My producers want you to be featured on our Full Plate cooking show!! It’s similar to the format or Rachel Ray, but without the live studio audience.

    Basically, you make a meal or two and talk about your allergies and how these meals are “clean”

    Email or text me if you are interested! I think you would be great!!



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