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Who People Think You Are And Why It Matters

There’s a famous quote that says it’s none of your business what someone else thinks about you. There is so much truth in that. Most people would be so much happier if they stopped worrying what other people thought about them. However, let me expand it from a slightly different point of view. What if you’re a Christian? Then your main goal in life should be to love God and serve God. Which also means your life should be a living example of Christ to others.

For instance, if people think you’re not a very nice person because of your words and your actions then you darn well better care what people think about you. It won’t matter if you go to church 7 days a week but the second you walk out that door you’re gossiping, putting others down to build yourself up, or the old school, mean girl, way of throwing out a compliment then getting in a dig. It leaves your fellow sister in Christ feeling wounded and not quite sure what just happened. Thinking, “I thought she was my friend so why is she trying to embarrass me?”

Here’s the thing, regardless if you’re a Christian or not, if you aim to be a good person then all of this still applies.

Would a stranger know you’re a Christian by your daily behavior? Would they take one look at your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profile and know if you even believe in God? They will know what comes first in your life by a quick glance at your social media.   Our lives are supposed to be a living example to others of Christ.  Non-believers should look at believers and see the Love and Joy we emenate because of Christ living in us.

“So by their fruits you will know them” Matthew 7:20

I listen to a lot of podcasts. A recurring theme of some of them can be summarized in this quote by Father Mike Schmitz “We become what we consume. Then we’re known by what we witness to”. Let me pull this all together now. These topics have all been on my mind for awhile but it became glaringly obvious to me over the last few weeks. I had let myself consume too much social media and less time in prayer. I recognized it and am turning it back around to focus my life back on the Father. However, it was a lesson to me. I came to see new sides of people, sides that aren’t so pretty. It reflected parts of me that I know aren’t who I am, but I was guilty of doing.

I’m saying all this to lead by example. Last week I cleaned out some of the people I follow on Instagram. “We become what we consume”. I want to be more Christlike so I need to consume information, pictures, attitudes, etc that are more Christlike.  Negativity has no place in my life.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we are perfect all the time. It means we try everyday to be better than we were the day before. We fail, we are human, but the important thing is we don’t stop trying to be better and to ask forgiveness not just from God but also those whom we’ve sinned against.

It matters who people think we are, because we are sons and daughters of the Living God, and our lives should be a living witness to that.

6 thoughts on “Who People Think You Are And Why It Matters

  1. always a good idea to recollect and reevaluate. rec for you if you don’t already listen to Abiding Together Podcast. between that and Fr. Mike and Cameron Fraud…. I am always trying to balance podcasting and reading real books! blessings!

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