My Hope Warrior Interview From Flare Up Hope

I am so honored and humbled that the beautiful, Jacklyn from Flare Up Hope asked to interview me for her Hope Warriors section of her site.  Here’s the link to the post to read it!

She asked really great questions!  EX: What do you remember most about the day you were diagnosed? Looking back, if you could tell yourself one thing about the diagnosis you were about to receive, what would it be?     What has been the best thing that has happened so far that would not have happened if you did not have your chronic illness?      You’re in the waiting room about to leave after a follow up visit with your doctor. Someone else is in the waiting room and they were just diagnosed with a chronic disease. They catch your eye and then ask you “How do I get through this?” What do you say?   As well as a list of rapid fire questions!

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Hope Warrior- Nicole



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