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What’s Up Wednesday #4

Last Friday I made the trip out-of-town to hit up Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  It’s a bit of a hike so I only go about once a month.  Going there is kind of like therapy.  Shopping therapy.  For Food.  I feel like I should throw out this disclaimer about those places though…It is very possible to leave Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and not have picked up one healthy item.  You can easily spend $200 on straight junk at either place.  Just because they are known to sell healthy items does NOT mean that everything they sell is good for you.  For instance, Trader Joe’s beloved Speculoos Cookie Butter.  NOT a health food.  Not even close.  If you are on a journey to live a healthier life, then that requires you to be diligent in label reading.  I myself made this mistake once when I picked up one of their broths.  I grabbed the wrong one and came home to find it had barley in it.  Aka gluten.  Thank God I noticed before my daughter and I ate it!

When you embark on this journey to health, it means reading the labels of every single thing that goes in your mouth.  Tedious?…yes. Annoying?..usually.  Worth it?…ALWAYS!!  Last night I posted a Transformation Tuesday Picture on Instagram.  It was very hard to post those pics.  I cringed as I hit “share”.  They are not flattering in the least bit.  But you know what?  It’s a part of my journey and it helps people see what eating better can truly do for a person.  I look at those old pics and can see how unhealthy I was.  My poor body was so inflamed.  Which is the word used to say “a huge frickin mess of sick or on the road to being sick!”  Inflammation=acne, dry brittle hair, weight gain, puffy eyes with dark circles, daily migraines, joint pain, muscle aches, exhaustion, brain fog, the list goes on.  I had it all.  So to look at the before and after pics brings me to tears.  Both happy and sad tears to see how poorly I had treated myself in the past and to see how far I have come.

Left: age 34, Right top: age 26, Right bottom: age 27
I talk a lot about how I started PaleoHope to help people get well.  The thing is I can’t do it for anyone, I can simply show you what I did, and that it can be done!  Then hand you the torch.  Nobody can change your life but you.  You are responsible for your own life, your own happiness and your own problems.  I am here though to encourage you and be so very happy for you when you succeed!!  It never fails that I cry happy tears when someone sends me a message that because of something I have done they changed their life for the better.

Alright, back to the food!  I grabbed a few old favorites and some new goodies on my therapy sesh, errr I mean grocery trip.  I figured why not show you guys what I got!


Rx bars are a favorite of ours!  Trader Joe’s sells these three flavors.  The pumpkin spice is only seasonal though.  They are a great bar to keep in your bag, car or purse!  The Mint Chip are my favorite but I have to order those online.  The ingredients list is simple and clean so I can feel good about my family eating them!


Trader Joe’s find again!  This coconut milk is perfect!  It is organic and has zero thickeners in it like guar gum.  Finding a coconut milk that fits that criteria is tough!  Plus! It’s right around $2 a can, which is hella cheap!


These are life!  Epic did it again with another kick ass product.  I have been trying to load up more on healthy fats and less carbs, not just for myself but for my kids as well.  Pork rinds are a great snack that have no carbs and lots of fat.  I usually pair them with some sort of raw veg like cucumbers, snap peas, or broccoli.  The pork crackling were exceptionally delicious!!!!


Siete hit it out of the park with these tortillas!  They are 100% Paleo and 1,000% delicious!  We all especially loved the almond flour variety!  I was so glad Whole Foods started carrying them.


Trader Joe’s sells these grass-fed beef sticks that are a steal at $1.49!  I keep some in my purse and my daughter keeps them in her book bag and sports bag for practices.


Seaweed is a great source of iodine which is a necessary nutrient for thyroid health.  My daughter and I devour these!!  I love this brand because it doesn’t have nasty seed oils or anything else funky in it!  These are from Whole Foods but can be found many places.

Tulsi tea, also called Holy Basil, is commonly used for anxiety, adrenal fatigue, to help balance blood sugar levels, and hypothyroidism.  But the benefits don’t stop there!  If you’d like to see just how amazing this plant is click here.  Organic India has quite a few varieties of Tulsi, but I’m currently hooked on the Lemon Ginger.  The ECOTEAS Holy Mate! tea is a combination of Tulsi and Yerba Mate.  So you get a great natural source of energy boost from the Yerba Mate plus the calming effect of the holy basil so your body doesn’t spaz out!   I grabbed both of these from Whole Foods.

Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide is the secret germ killer most people don’t know about.  We all grew up using it on cuts and scrapes, but did you know you can get one with a spray top and use it to clean your kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and so much more?!  Yup!  This stuff is not only non-toxic, it safely kills germs!   With cold and flu season starting, this bottle is worth its weight in gold.

That’s it guys!  I hope you found something useful in this weeks post!  Be sure to look back at some of the other What’s Up Wednesday posts for other secrets I share!


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