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30 + Paleo Friendly Breakfast Ideas


I know we all love coffee and it’s usually the first thing I turn to in the morning, but if you’re also a breakfast eater then let me share with you some ideas.   To go with your coffee of course. 😉

These are all pics I had posted on Instagram of my breakfasts.  So I thought it’d be a good idea to make a compilation of some of my favorites and those with the most likes.  Let me throw out a disclaimer that some of these have breads that aren’t strict Paleo but they are all gluten, dairy and soy free.  Which is why I called this post “Paleo Friendly”.  If you can’t tolerate any grains, such as rice and sorghum, then skip the breads, make your own Paleo version or you can always order some awesome Paleo options online!

I’ve added links for some of the products websites as well as a link to Thrive Market for the products I buy from there.*


These little eggs were the first eggs my chickens laid!  They are so golden but so tiny! The yolks were about the same size as my thumbnail.  This hash was INCREDIBLE too.  Cooked up some ground pork sausage and left whatever fat was left in the pan, removing the pork to a bowl.  Then diced up sweet potatoes, onions and bell peppers and added it to the pan with some coconut oil and cooked until potatoes were fork tender.  Added the pork back into the pan and seasoned it with adobo.

You can’t see it much but that toast is smothered in guacamole!  Piled with sautéed spinach, a chicken thigh and a perfectly runny egg.  I devoured that in record time!  Served it with leftover roast cauliflower, and sautéed carrots, zucchini, and onions.

Eggs Benedict is my husbands favorite breakfast.  It can take some time though.  So awhile ago I came up with a quicker, easier, version that uses ghee and bacon fat!  The recipe also gives you some options to try it different ways.

Paleo breakfast pizza anyone?  I vividly remember how amazing this was.  I have been aching to make it again too.  The recipe from Ancestral Nutrition but I altered it quite a bit so my rec is to use any pizza crust recipe you love or even a store-bought one like Cappello’s.  This one had homemade dairy free pesto, prosciutto, caramelized onions, cracked a pastured egg in the middle and baked it.  Then sprinkled it with some sea salt and kelp flakes.

My girls LOVED these and they were insanely easy to make.  5 ingredients.  Yes, only 5!  Paleo Pumpkin Spice Protein Waffles drizzled with real maple syrup and loads of butter or ghee make for a killer good Fall breakfast.

More of those delicious Mikey’s Paleo English Muffins!  Toast. Spread with guacamole. Pile with sautéed spinach.  Crispy prosciutto (flash fry in a pan with a touch of oil).  Crispy fried, pastured egg with a runny yolk.  Unbelievably delicious!!

Another omelette, different fillings!  Quite a few years ago I went through a phase where I made omelette’s almost every day and would ALWAYS put salsa on them.  Here’s the funny part, back then I did it because I was calorie restricting myself and it was an easy way to get lots of flavor with low calories.  Back then I also ate dairy, gluten and basically all the things.  Doh.  No wonder I couldn’t lose weight or feel good.  My body hates those things!!  I digress.  Now I put salsa on my eggs because it’s freakin delicious!! Especially when it’s stuffed with sautéed onions and peppers, caramelized onions (yes both!), sautéed spinach, and lots of guacamole! This was a meal in itself, it was so filling!

Paleo Mocha Muffins are perfect for a lazy Saturday.  Make a batch, brew some hot coffee, and snuggle up with a loved one while you enjoy one (or two).  Be sure to smother them in some butter or ghee.  I won’t tell if you melt down some chocolate and a tad of coconut oil to drizzle over the top.

This was one breakfast I could’ve made on repeat and died a happy woman.  I had leftover taco meat (chorizo and ground bison with homemade taco seasoning), so I added a bunch of veggies and a super quick sauce and devoured it!  Half a yellow summer squash, green and red bell pepper, onion, shredded carrots and topped it with fresh green onions.  The sauce was Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo thinned with a little coconut milk.


Tip: When you have a smallish piece of leftover meat to use, cut it up and use it in a breakfast hash with loads of veggies and add some eggs to it to up the protein.  For this breakfast I had half a chicken thigh.  Started with cooking the mushrooms (more protein), the okra, and the yellow squash in LOTS of coconut oil (remember Fat is Phat!).  When they were almost done I added the diced up chicken just to reheat and seasoned heavily with some ginger, lemon, cayenne spice mix, sea salt and black pepper. Fried an egg and dipped all those veggies right in the yolk.

Garden fresh tomatoes are something dreams are made of.  Especially when added to a freshly picked cucumber and tossed with some homemade dairy free pesto!   Serve it with some Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse White toast. Cover it in some Leaf Cuisine garlicky herb cashew spread and top it with two free range, organic eggs and enjoy the flavor explosion!

These Mikey’s Muffins are Paleo and oh so good!!!  This one was Toasted Onion.  You store them in the freezer and toast them when ready to use.  Layered it with some romaine and a quick chicken salad made with Sir Kensingtons mayo and homemade pesto.  Served with more of that awesome tomato and cuke salad.

Udi’s Everything bagel (not Paleo but they are gluten-free), smothered in Leaf Cuisine Garlicky Herb Cashew Spread, a fried pastured egg and some Paleo friendly sausage! So quick, easy and delicious!

Another bagel breakfast sandwich with a different protein!  Same as the pic above but with the pesto chicken salad from two pics up.  Along with a pic of Leaf Cuisine Cashew Spread. With a  fried egg for some added protein and fat.  I’m hungry just looking at the pic!


I grabbed these Shoshito peppers from a co-op of sorts that sells local, organic produce and fell in love.  They are so easy to cook!  Toss in a cast iron skillet with a little oil and let them cook till they start to blister.  I just pick them up by the stem dip them in the egg yolk and chow down!  Tossed some of these small redskin potatoes in the microwave till tender then placed them in a cast iron with a decent amount of ghee or coconut oil and smash them down and let cook for about two minutes per side and flip.  The outside gets crispy and the inside is nice and soft.  Kinda like a good french fry!

More Shoshito peppers!  This time with some leftovers from dinner the night before.  Grilled nectarines, and patty pan squash covered in some homemade pesto. A slice of Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse white bread and Leaf Cuisine Garlicky Herb spread.  Cant forget the protein with a nice spicy sausage grilled in a cast iron.


This was such a simple but flavorful and filling meal.  It also makes an awesome dinner!  One small/medium sweet potato cut into small cubes while browning some ground pork breakfast sausage.  Remove the sausage from the pan and leave all that fat! Toss the sweet potatoes in the fat and cook until pretty tender.  Add the pork back in and stick the whole cast iron pan in a 400* oven for about ten minutes.  The best sweet potatoes you will ever have!  Scramble up some pastured eggs and you are done!

I went through an avocado toast phase and boy was it delicious!! I would always find myself drawn to this combo.  Gluten free toast, smashed avocado, smoked applewood sea salt, black pepper, then sliced hard-boiled eggs and more sea salt and pepper.  Sprinkle with some hot sauce and you have a flavor explosion with loads of healthy fats and protein, plus carbs from the bread.

I almost feel bad posting this but it may help someone one day.  We were on vacation and the only thing this place had that I could eat was poached eggs.  Let this be some advice to all you fellow peeps who struggle when dining out.  Ask for poached eggs because they are cooked in water so no nasty oils are used.  Too many places use soy oil and season the grill with it.  Which leaves mostly everything off-limits.  If its breakfast ask for poached eggs.  If it’s lunch or dinner ask them to place foil on the grill and cook a plain burger on the foil.  Have them put it on a pile of lettuce with some tomato and onion and see if they have olive oil to drizzle all over it.  No it’s definitely not gourmet but you get to go out to eat with friends or family and not stress over getting sick or staying home while everyone else is out having fun.   (P.S. I also had the Epic bar with the eggs and coffee.  Never leave home without something safe to eat!)


Zucchini pancakes made the base for this breakfast!  Okra, beets, shiitake mushrooms, seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, chipotle powder, sea salt and black pepper.  Tossed in some frozen Paleo friendly pork breakfast sausage (Costco) and let it heat up.  Then piled it all together and sprinkled with a generous amount of cilantro and drizzled it with more of that Chipotle Lime Mayo thinned with coconut milk.

Another way to use some leftovers!  Roast cauliflower from dinner tossed in a cast iron with duck fat, garden fresh green beans, black olives, onions and at the last-minute some spinach.  Along with a pile of frozen chicken sausage.  With a slice of Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse Cinnamon Raisin Bread topped with ghee.

This Frittata gave me life!!  I have this small cast iron pan that has a good seasoning on it so it works perfectly for this!  It had leftover pulled pork, baby leeks, red bell pepper, okra, and two pastured eggs with loads of herbs and spices.  Frittata’s are so easy to make!  You saute your veggies and add some cooked meat.  Whisk your eggs and add a touch of milk or water.  Add a little more oil to your pan with the veggies then pour the eggs in and gently lift and pull to let the egg in the middle come to the outside and cook a little.  Keep it on medium low heat and let them cook for a minute or two.  Then stick it in the oven under the broiler on a low shelf until the top is set!  It’s my cheater way of making it fast and easy!

More leftovers!  Reheated BBQ pulled pork, roast brussel sprouts, and frozen okra in a pan with some coconut oil and adobo seasoning.  Sprinkled it with some scallions and called it good!

Bacon! Canyon Bakehouse white toast with coconut oil, and some killer scrambled eggs!  They had caramelized onions and pork sausage from dinner the night before and some scallions at the end.  Seriously so good!


Oh look, more bacon!  The blueberry scones from my blog (I swapped out chocolate chips for frozen blueberries because hubs like them better that way!).  I had some leftover shredded chicken that I added in a pan with frozen okra and some shiitake mushrooms for an extra boost of nutrients.

My take on Shakshuka!  Looking at this pic makes me wonder why I haven’t made it again?!  Oh my word this was incredible!!  I had cooked cauliflower in pasta sauce for dinner the night before and had some leftover.  Naturally I used it for breakfast!  Started by sautéing some peppers and onions, then added the leftover cauliflower and pasta sauce to the pan.  Made two small wells and cracked two pastured eggs in them.  Covered with a lid and let cook for a few minutes.

These cinnamon rolls from my blog are my daughter’s favorite thing ever.  She begs me to make them every weekend.  The fam all eats two and I usually stick with just one and some veggies and eggs.  This was parsnips and potatoes, frozen okra, and some leftover sausage.  I made a big pan of scrambled eggs for all of us to share too.

This bread is also from the blog!  It’s Chocolate Raspberry Banana Protein Bread and oh so good!  Whenever I eat baked goods I make every attempt to also eat some vegetables so I made some okra, collard greens and pearl onions. Cook in liberal amounts of coconut oil or other healthy fat and douse it with some all-purpose seasoning!  Top it with a crispy fried egg, letting the yolk ooze all over it.

The nice thing about this Chocolate Raspberry Banana Protein Bread is that it’s filling and fast!  You can reheat it, spread some ghee on top and scramble up a few eggs in less than 5 minutes!

I wanted ALL the bacon this day.  You know what’s even better than just bacon?  When you shred some sweet potatoes and cook them in the bacon fat, add some green bell pepper, diced onion, fresh garlic and then season with smoked paprika, applewood smoked sea salt, and black pepper. This was simply incredible!

Omelets can be such a quick and filling, nutrient dense breakfast!  Stuffed this one with AppleGate ham, asparagus, red onion, and some Daiya dairy free cheddar cheese.  More Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse toast smothered in honey sweetened raspberry jam.

These last two pics are bonuses!  I’m linking two other posts I’ve written with loads of breakfast ideas.  The one above is from way back in the archives and most of the pics in it are from when I first went Paleo.  So you won’t find as much bread or Paleo grey area foods in it.  Back then my body was a hot mess and needed a serious reset.  I’m in a better place now and can tolerate some of those things like gluten-free breads and such.

This post was really popular and for good reason!  Skillet breakfasts are heartwarming, easy, delicious and can be so nutrient dense!  I basically give you a skeleton recipe for the “How-To” and then give you multiple options for what foods to use.  Here’s a little tip too, I quite often make these for dinners too!  I just use two larger pans to feed the four of us.

There you have it!  All combined this post has over 80 breakfast ideas that are all gluten and soy free, mostly dairy free, and so much flavor your taste buds will be doing a happy dance.

*If you join Thrive Market through the link I provided above I will receive $25 towards my next order.

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