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Be Fearless!

We all have those demons in our life that hold us back from truly living the life of our dreams. Whether the goal is health/fitness related, career related, romantic relationships, friendships, financial goals, you name it! Fear keeps us from achieving those goals and its high time you kick fear in the face. 

Now don’t confuse fearless with reckless. Reckless is just being stupid!  The definition itself says lack of concern for the outcome of your decision; to be careless. Whereas fearless means stepping up to your fears and telling them who’s really boss; to lack fear, to be bold and brave. 


October has been quite the interesting month for me so far.  I’m still trying to absorb all that has taken place. I’m coming into this month from a mindset of feeling fearless, brave, worthy of all that I am, and simply just happy!  It’s taken me 33 years to get achieve that. For me to fully comprehend and absorb the true power that lies within me.  It’s not that this month has been all roses and sunshine, it’s that a shift has occurred within myself to open my eyes to see myself for who I am.  

I read something riveting on Instagram from someone I follow and greatly respect. They stated to “be aware of how others perceive you”. Then went on further to explain how you may see yourself one way but those around you may view you in a completely different way.  That was me.  For a very long time I saw myself as “just a mom”, BUT I’m so much more than that!! Holding onto a belief and fear of thinking I was simply only “one thing” held me back from reaching for the stars.  I’ve come to realize that others view me as SO much more than just a mom.  That moment was earth shattering for me.  I can’t begin to tell you how drastically it changed my world. I now hold this power within myself to feel fearless when taking on a new endeavor.  

This post started floating around in my mind yesterday after talking to a friend about learning to cook.  It had my wheels turning in a thousand different directions about being fearless from all angles in life. Don’t hold yourself back from a goal simply because of a belief that you don’t hold the ability to do what it takes. You have that goal in your mind for a reason, it’s meant to be there!  When that goal is to lose weight, get healthy and eat better. Then go and don’t let fear hold you back!!  

Let me explain a little more.  A few years ago I was told I couldn’t cook soup to save my life.  Oh the irony.  Fast forward to now…I was asked to be on a cooking segment for television and what did I make?  Soup. Damn straight I made soup.  After being told I couldn’t do something I set a goal and smashed the crap out of it.  When you believe you can achieve something not much can hold you back.  You’ll have setbacks but when you step back, it’ll be 10 steps forward and 3 steps back.  Don’t look at the regression, check out that progression!  Along the way I’ve made some pretty bland, blah and straight up funky soups but I’ve also made some soups that make your mouth dance a jig of sheer joy.  

Paleo requires a heck of a lot of cooking.  I always loved to cook so when I transitioned into paleo I didn’t really hold much fear about jumping in.  However, the more I talk to friends, in person and virtually, I’m made aware of the fact that many people were either never taught how to cook or just don’t hold the passion for it like I do.  That fear of the unknown, failing, or being criticized can be enough to keep people stuck in the rut of their old ways.  

I’ve been asked a lot lately what my biggest tips for going paleo are. After being asked so many times and truly thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest tip I can give is being fearless in the kitchen!  After all…its just food!!  What’s the worst that can happen?!  It burns, tastes awful, the veggies are still crunchy, meat didn’t sear?!   Let me state that again for you ~ IT’S JUST FOOD!  Take that meal and use it as a learning experience.  Even the professionals fail, but they use that failure to learn and grow.  We are so fortunate to live in a time when we can YouTube anything!  Don’t know how to cut yuca? YouTube. No clue how to eat a starfruit? YouTube.  Reverse sear… Huh?! YOUTUBE!  I’m telling you, you can do anything your heart desires in the kitchen with the help of a little knowledge and some determination. And yes, I used YouTube to look all those things up at some point in the last year.  

There are so many countless ways to learn to cook such as blogs, YouTube, cookbooks, periscope, go to a friends house who can cook and offer to bring the food if they show you how to cook it!  You guys, just be fearless! I’m telling you, it can change your life.

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