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Dry Skin Brushing Benefits and a Giveaway!  

Dry skin brushing has countless benefits and it’s one of the easiest things we can do for our bodies to detox and get healthy!  I dry skin brush every morning before I take my shower. It’s easy to remember and do because I hang the brush in my bathroom. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin since I’ve started. It’s softer, smoother, less cellulite, and less dry itchy skin.  The main reason I dry skin brush though isn’t for vanity (but I’ll take that positive change!) it’s for the health benefits.  
Your skin is your largest organ and one way your body as a whole eliminates toxins.  It works to detox by improving blood circulation and lymphatic flow.  Your lymph nodes are the waste collection areas for toxins in your body. So by improving the lymph flow you’re helping your kidneys and liver eliminate those toxins.  Increased circulation also helps fluid retention. So if you’re bloated…Dry skin brush!  An increase in blood circulation also helps improve your energy and speeds up digestion.  

Now for your appearance it also helps increase your collagen and elastin (aka stretch marks and cellulite).  Dry brushing is incredible for exfoliating!  If you have itchy or dry skin, you should definitely give this a shot.  It sloughs off the dead skin cells and allows for new cells to be generated (also think of that increase in blood flow helping pump out new cells!).  Removing the dry cells leaves your skin primed for moisturizing without all the old cells and gunk blocking your pores.  The wonderful thing about the Jen Charming Brush is that it’s dual sided.  One side is for dry brushing and the other is for massage. So you can use a body oil or lotion and massage it in with the studded side. This is further increasing your blood flow and lymph drainage and feels pretty darn good too!  If you ever get ingrown hairs you know what a pain they can be, literally painful.  While eliminating dead skin cells by exfoliating it also helps rid the hair follicles of being blocked and preventing and ending those pesky ingrown hairs. 

The brush I use is from Jen Charming and I love it!  The long handle allows me to reach all areas of my back and for people who maybe can’t reach their feet easily the long handle is good for that too.  The bristles are stiff to make the brushing effective but yet still soft so it’s not ripping your skin apart. It’s truly the perfect balance. And I love how it’s dual sided for massage and brushing!  

This excerpt taken from Jen Charming blog gives directions on how to properly dry skin brush: 

The best way to brush is to start dry brushing from your feet towards the heart, using medium strokes. Then do the same thing starting with your hands working your way up arms to the shoulder. Your torso and back will be the last part of your body that will be brushed. The idea is to start from the outside working your way in towards your heart. For your stomach and the back of your thighs, brush in a circular motion, this helps move aggressive fat and toxins to be released, reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


Jen Charming Dry Skin Brush

Jen Charming Dry Skin Brush

For many more tips on dry skin brushing such as proper care, washing and such, check out Jen’s blog here

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED but please check out this beautiful brush on Amazon! 

**Now about the giveaway!!!!  As a celebration for reaching 2,000 followers on my PaleoHope Instagram account, I’ve teamed up with Jen to give one of her amazing Dry Skin Brushes to a follower of mine!!**

Here’s how to enter: go to Instagram and 1) follow myself (PaleoHope) and JenCharming. 2) tag a minimum of three friends to enter, one on each line, on the original photo for this giveaway.  3) unlimited entries! 4) must live within the United States to enter. 5) this giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. 6) winner will be chosen using a random generator.

Good luck!!  

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