Paleo Fried Okra


Okra can seem like one of this intimidating veggies if you’ve never had it before.  Don’t assume you or your family won’t like it because it’s actually really mild flavored and good!  The first time I made it was in stir fry chopped up.  The fam loved it so I figured I’d try it another way.  Hence this recipe was born!  


oh okra, how I heart thee…
Okra isn’t just flavorful it’s chock full of health benefits too!  It helps regulate blood sugar, it’s great for intestinal health, heart health, skin, pregnancy by preventing birth defects and so much more.  It’s rich in fiber, vitamin K, glutathione, magnesium and many other nutrients.  When you cut okra open it is sticky on the inside similar to aloe.  This is great for your intestines because it provides relief from constipation and diarrhea as well as stomach ulcers and lowering high cholesterol and helps to fight type 2 diabetes.  Umm seriously why wouldn’t you eat this stuff?!!  

For those of you who’ve had okra and can sing its praises with me, but maybe miss things like fried okra….give this a shot!  It’ll make you forget gluten ever existed!  If you don’t have tigernut flour, you could try this with almond flour but I can’t make any promises.  Just be sure you use almond flour not almond meal.  Just an FYI tigernuts are AIP because they aren’t a nut but are in fact a tuber.  Also, they’re a prebiotic and feed the healthy gut bacteria!  Yay healthy microbiome! 

Oh and did you know it’s only 20 Friday’s till Christmas?!  I feel like summer just got started and BAM schools about to start then before we know it BAM the holidays.  If I drank wine, I’d need a glass right now just to let that sink in!  

How I Make It


Paleo Fried Okra

Paleo fried okra


  • 7 oz okra washed and cut into bite sized pieces, discard ends 
  • 1/3 cup arrowroot or tapioca starch 
  • 1/3 cup tigernut flour (almond flour may work)
  • 1 1/2 TB all purpose seasoning (I make savory blend seasoning from practical paleo) 
  • 1 large or 2 small eggs 
  • Healthy frying fat of your choice, I used equal amounts of duck fat and coconut oil 


  1. Chop okra and place in bowl.  
  2. Whisk flours and seasoning together 
  3. Beat egg in bowl 
  4. Place a 10″ cast iron skillet or med skillet over medium heat and allow 1/2″ fat/oil to get hot. It’s ready when you drop a sprinkle of flour in it and it sizzles.  
  5. Take your okra and coat it in egg. A large fork works well to pick it up and let the extra egg drip off. 
  6. Then drop into flour mixture.  *tip I line up my three bowls in a row next to my stove so I’m not getting flour and egg all over the kitchen. 
  7. Toss with a separate fork to coat. At this point the oil should be ready.  Take the okra and gently tap any extra flour off using your fingers. 
  8. Then set it in the oil and let fry for about a minute. Using metal tongs flip and let cool another minute. When done place on a paper towel lined plate. 

*these are still amazing served at room temp but can be kept warm in an oven at 200° while you prepare the rest of dinner.  I served them as an appetizer. 

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