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Paleo Travel Tips: Part 2! 

Traveling is one of my favorite things. I love to see new places!  Since being diagnosed and switching to a paleo diet, traveling can be a little tough because after all a girls gotta eat!   Eating out doesn’t always leave you with many healthy options and it’s extremely rare to find places that use healthy ingredients.  So here’s some of my tips to travel and stay paleo.  These are all from road tripping, my last paleo travel post was for flying. Click here for the link to that post. 

It’s safe to assume most people drink coffee and if you’re paleo you probably have enjoyed a bulletproof coffee or two.  I always add Vital Proteins collagen gelatin to my coffee to help heal my gut. (It’s great for hair, skin and nails too!) Along with the typical ghee and coconut oil for BP coffee.  Most hotel rooms have coffee makers so I didn’t bring coffee.  At home I use organic coffee and Swiss water processed decaf, but being it was a short trip I let that slide and just drank what was in the room.   Packed up some vital proteins, ghee and coconut oil in small plastic containers.  I found this cool little battery powered whisk at TJ Maxx on clearance for $3!!  It actually works really well too to blend my coffee.  Don’t expect as much froth as a bullet would give you but it gets the job done. 

This is honestly one of the best travel ideas out there for Paleo and healthy eating travel foods.  Organic baby food!!!  People I’m telling you stick it in your room fridge and eat for any and every meal. They even have ones with chicken and meat in them. These were lifesavers for me on one of our trips. Best part is my kids love them too and ate probably 2-3 a day. 

 While seaweed isn’t the most filling snack it does make a great substitute for when you really want something salty or crunchy like potato chips and they pack a serious micronutrient punch.  My oldest daughter and I fight over these. We LOVE them!  Sea Snax brand are the best because they use healthier oils.  The pork clouds were addictivly good.  It was my first time ever trying pork skins and now I’m on a mad hunt to find more without having to order from Amazon.  

These little almond butters ended up being a lifesaver for breakfast one day. The hotel had a breakfast buffet but it wasn’t exactly food. More like nasty fillers.  Anyhow, they had some fresh fruit at least, so we cut up the fruit and ate it with the almond butter. The coconut oil was a backup for my coffee but it would’ve been great for a between meals boost if needed. Because fat is phat and I love it.    

Give me all the Paleo bars.  For real. I love them all!   Bison epic bars are #1 in my book above all else but sometimes I want something other than meat so I go with an Exo bar because it’s good and very filling.  Not pictured: RX bars chocolate sea salt flavor, I could eat them everyday!  Only negative is they stick to your teeth.  Nicks sticks jerky are my daughters fave so those are for her but I love them too. Grass fed beef is top notch with me.   

I packed the coconut chips for myself…my girls ate them all!  We also used the dried apples with almond butter for a well rounded snack.    

This tea is my everything when we travel, when I eat food that doesn’t agree with me or when I just want something warm to drink (which is almost all the time with hashimotos because I’m always cold).  I LOVE THIS TEA!  It’s a lifesaver. Why are you still reading this?  Go buy some. Now. 😉 

Trader Joes just started carrying this. It’s refreshing but even better it makes an awesome salad dressing! The bottle fits well in my purse (because I’m a mom so I have a huge purse).  I regretted not bringing it on my second trip we took because I had salads on the daily and rarely found a dressing that wasn’t a soy based oil. 

Here’s a few tips for eating out…..

Be cautious with omelet’s because most places add gluten containing ingredients to their egg mixture.  I double checked at this resort and also made sure they knew I had an allergy so they wouldn’t use a pan that could’ve been contaminated. The breakfast came with hash browns but I asked to sub it for fruit. Most places are willing to make these types of substitutions for you. Just be polite and ask kindly.  They gave me gluten free dry toast but I didn’t eat it because I never know if it’s been placed in the same toaster as regular bread.  

These were all things I packed too. Costco sells individually packaged wholly guacamole, um awesomeness!  I made hard boiled eggs that are free range, soy free, organic from a local source.  AppleGate ham (most of the lunch meats have carrageenan in them, the ham doesn’t. Don’t ever forget to read your packages. 😉   I packed some organic grape tomatoes and plantain chips too.  We ate all of these things before we left to come too. 

By day two I got wise for breakfast and realized if I asked for poached eggs they wouldn’t be using any nasty oils like canola or other mystery oils to cook my eggs. More dry toast I skipped and a sub of fruit. A side of bacon which is typically a better choice than sausage because bacon almost always has the same ingredients whereas sausage can have tons of hidden ingredients.  But still be sure to ask if it’s gluten free. 

On our long drive home I stumbled across a place called The Leaf Salad Bar while using the app “Find Me Gluten Free”.  This place had an insane amount of toppings to choose from and you pay by weight.  They also had smoothies and juices.  Mine was just berries, spinach, ice and coconut water.  So if you ever happen to pass one go grab some healthy dins. They even have everything labeled gluten free!  

This was probably the one meal I regretted but it was really delicious!!  All gluten and dairy free. Max and Erma’s has a really nice gluten free menu.  So much so, I’d say it’s the best I’ve ever found in a chain restaurant.  They even had gluten free buns.  When all was said and done though, I regretted it and wished I ordered a salad.  It just didn’t sit well for me. So for someone who just needs to avoid gluten and isn’t working on gut healing or fighting an AI disease, have at it and devour every bite!!  

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free pizza.  Shut the front door this was so amazing.   I haven’t had a good gluten free pizza in so long and this just hit the spot.  Sometimes you’ll find the best spots from places that are locally owned like this one in Traverse City called Pangea’s.  They were overly accommodating and even had the manager come speak to me about my allergies then made sure to tell me they were cleaning the whole area they’d make my pizza.  It took a little longer than normal but it was so worth it.    

I was hoping no one was around when I finished this dinner so I could lick the plate but unfortunately people were watching so I had to act like a lady. 😛  I asked if they could use olive oil to prepare my dinner instead of canola and they were very kind about doing so.  Just as a side note, I always make sure to tip a little extra with all my special requests and needs.  As well as act as kind as I possibly can.  These people can make or break your trip with something that could potentially make you sick. BE NICE!  

This was the day from said breakfast buffet I spoke of above.  I’d made these muffins before we left and they made a great breakfast with some almond butter.  They had fresh fruit as well so I had a banana too. Paired with my bulletproof coffee for lots of healthy fat.  

I learned a lot at this meal.   If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my rant I wrote with this pic.  For those who didn’t I’ll recap: ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK!  The menu was clearly labeled with gluten free options but I also can’t have dairy or soy. So I asked and the girl taking my order said it was soy and dairy free. When I then asked if the dressing had soy sauce in it (it was a ginger dressing which is almost always paired with soy sauce), she said well our oil we use for our dressings is a soy oil blend.  I said ok I’ll take the salad with no dressing please. If you have balsamic please just put it on the side.  When it was brought out I carefully smelled each container and found the oil in one.  Insert groans of frustration.  Thankfully it hadn’t spilled and I was overly cautious.  That would’ve made for a terrible reaction and drive home.  So never be afraid to double check!!  

More of my fave tea because after all those meals out I desperately needed about ten cups of this.   One cup had me feeling like a happy camper again. 

Another great place I found using the gluten free app.  They had be menu online but it didn’t specify if they had anything gluten free. So I called and they had me speak directly with the chef who helped me find something on the menu that fit all my criteria. He was very kind and made this delicious salmon salad by simply leaving the breading off the fish for me.  Once again, don’t be afraid to ask. Most people are more than willing to help.   

That’s all I’ve got for ya!  So tell me, what are your best paleo travel or eating out tips???  C’mon don’t be stingy, share with me! 😉 

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