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What I’m Reading Now 7/22/15


I haven’t found much time to sit and read the last month with traveling and my girls are keeping me busy. However, I’ve still checked quite a few books out of the library.  Most of them have been Paleo cook books.  

I love trying out cookbooks before buying them. With so many cook books on my ever growing list I hate investing lots of money in ones I may not use. Getting them from the library is a great way to use them for a bit and see if I like them. Keep in mind though, just because I love a certain book and may not dig another one doesn’t mean it’s not a great book or that you’d love it too. Everyone is different and the paleo food my family likes could be completely different from the paleo food your family likes.

My oldest daughter has been really into the Harry Potter series lately ever since her 3rd grade teacher read them the first book. I’ve been thinking I need to read them with her to help her follow along and also be sure they aren’t too scary or mature for her yet.  Anyone have thoughts on this series?? 

This book is the stuff dreams are made of.  No joke.  Jenni (aka nailed it and then some.   This book has made it to my list of MUST BUY.  I have to say the recipe I’ve been dying to make most is Pâte à Choux for either hamburger buns or a few French bread loafs.  Leafing through this book had me wanting to jump up and get my mixer out to make one of everything in it.  The pictures are gorgeous!  The recipes are all so descriptive and easy to follow.  She has a wide variety of recipes and ways to change things up.  Giving you a base recipe and then many options for personalizing.  This book will make it to my paleo library very soon.  If you’re a baker and gluten free I can’t recommend it enough.  


This book was Juli’s ( first cookbook.  In my last “What I’m Reading Now” post I showed you her second book The Paleo Kitchen, which was a collaboration with George Bryant.  It had beautiful pics and creative delicious recipes. That book made it to my list of must buys as well.  I was hesitant when I checked this one out if it would be that great or not because thumbing through it the pics were kind of grainy and not the best.  Boy was I wrong.  That old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” should also transfer to “you can’t judge a cookbook by its pics”.  It was probably more the publishers fault for not using higher quality printing or something. I’m not sure but either way this book has some pretty bomb recipes!!  I made her spaghetti squash bacon chicken Alfredo for dinner one night. A recipe that was meant to serve 4-6.  It was gone by the end of dinner.  Don’t expect it to taste like parm and heavy cream laden Alfredo because it’s not but it is absolutely delicious and creamy.  She will keep you equally entertained in this book and help you make some easy and tasty recipes. 


Ciarra (of set out to give people a way to follow a Paleo diet and not go broke in the process.  These recipes are family friendly, not too complicated and loaded with flavor.  I made my girls her Blueberry Peach Popovers for breakfast last week and watched them devour every last bite of them.  She also has some great spice blends in the book. I used her Creole recipe for cod andmy husband who’s not normally a fish fan loved it.  Jury’s still out on whether I’d buy this book or not.  It’s good, but I think I need to make a few more recipes and spend more time reading it before I invest in it.  She does have great tips on how to spend less on Paleo though.    

Elizabeth ( did a fantastic job in the first half of the book laying out in detail how to meal plan and various ways of doing it that work best for you.  She gives you sample meal plans too.  The rest of the book is recipes and most of them correlate to the meal plans.  The recipes are simple and look tasty.  There was a recipe in the dessert section for a microwave raspberry mug cake that I was dying to try but had to return the book before I got around to it.  I didn’t really give this book a fair shot in terms of recipes because I was so busy and traveling when I’d checked it out.  Would I buy it? Probably not, but I will check it out of the library again to sample that recipe! 

That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Stay tuned for more in the What I’m Reading Now Series because I’ve got many more books coming your way. 

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now 7/22/15

  1. I read the Harry Potter series to both kids, we did a chapter a night when they were her age. I had read them previously (before kids) so it was fun to read them again and see their reactions. They loved them! I felt it helped that I read aloud to the kids so if they had questions about parts of the book we would stop and talk about them. Sis is rereading them again this summer.

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