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Adventures in Homesteading: Part 2


Sometimes things never go as planned.  

Tis the case with my garden this year. And chickens.  It sucks.  Sooo there’s always next year right?!  Life’s too short to always look at the negative in things. I’m making a valiant effort to seek the positive in this situation.  We still have two raised beds that somehow managed to survive the torrential rains that are relentless here in Michigan this summer.  AND I can’t complain about rain when poor California is stuck in a massive drought.  We had so much rain that our swail flooded multiple times and the plants just didn’t stand a chance for survival.  Which explains why the raised beds are ok.  Not growing very quickly but not dead nonetheless. 

Out of entire rows of carrots, onions, squash, green beans, snap peas, broccoli rabe and many others only about 4 seeds actually grew into tiny plants.  I’m considering trying to replant a few things with the seed I have left, like herbs and lettuce.  Guess I will see how today pans out. 


one of the few plants that is taking off It is either zucchini or yellow squash

Random patches of mixed greens that I hope survive and thrive
We had to till up most of the garden and give up on the hopes of having it grow this year.  The raised beds have spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, and Brussels sprouts in them.  Crossing my fingers that I may get something from them!  Come to think of it, the spinach I should probably go cut today?  

A raised bed with okra, spinach and brussels sprouts (pic from one week ago)


Spinach is ready! This bed is doing amazing! Pic from today.

In a way, I suppose everything happens for a reason.  We are going to be incredibly busy the rest of summer traveling and such. Having a garden as large as we’d planted would mean a lot of harvesting and weeding if it’d all grown like it should’ve.  It would’ve been amazing to have my own produce but I will take what I can get and be happy with it. I learned some valuable lessons this growing season….start seeds early indoors, put some organic compost down, but a few plants in place of seed, work on drainage, and possibly add more raised beds.  Hopefully that will help for next years garden.  

Good things in life takes time, patience and they tend to have a learning curve. Rarely does someone pick up a new hobby and instantly become pros.  With this I am learning patience like so many other things in my life right now.  Maybe God is trying to teach me something about being patient??? 

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