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What I’m Reading Now – 6/27/15

I love to read.  Which stems from my love to learn.  I’d go back to college if it weren’t so expensive because I just want to go to learn, not to attend for a career.  

I’m not a person that flies through countless books a month. I wish I were but I get bored easily and I can’t sit still. I actually do a huge chunk of my learning with podcasts because they allow me to learn and do work at the same time.  However, the feeling of a book in my hands, the weight of it, the feel of the pages between my fingers, the scent of an old book, all so enticing and draw me in.  I have books on my iPad but it’s just not the same. 

Being its summer break here for my girls (and myself since I’m a stay at home mom) we’ve been making weekly trips to the library.  I’m trying to foster a love of reading in them as well as keep them from losing progress they gained over the last school year.  They love to go and argue over who gets to scan my card and check out the books.  They both get lost in the sea of shelves and books with stories begging to take you to faraway places. Stories of things one can’t always imagine.  Coming back to me with stacks of books to verify with mommy if they can check this pile out.  I don’t give them a limit on how many they can bring home, but they don’t get excessive on me. I want them to yearn for more books and countless stories that promise adventure, entertainment and giggles into the night.  They love to sit and read with me on our couch and at bedtime while I lay between them and read aloud.  My oldest would secretly read in her bed after I tucked her in.  Bewildered as to how she could even see in a vey dark room, I placed a bedside table and small reading lamp next to her bed.  She was elated and more often than not when I go in to check on her before I go to bed, the lamp is on and she has a book lying next to her while she peacefully sleeps.  Knowing how to read is obviously a priceless gift no one can ever take away from you, but loving to read is a gift you give to yourself that keeps on giving.  It is a gift I give to my girls. 

It’s been raining A LOT here so I’ve been stuck inside and gladly welcome the opportunity to read without guilt.  My stack of books to read keeps growing like the flooded fields surrounding our county.  I haven’t read through all of them yet but I’m hoping to.  Just wanted to share with you these titles and see what you’re reading right now. So please post in the comments below and let me know if there’s one that’s a must read for me!  


My Current Stack I’m Reading

These Magazines Are So Informative, And Easy To Read.
This Book Is Old! A gift from my mother, purchased off Amazon. Its loaded with so much old school homemaker tips, tricks and recipes. I LOVE IT!
I haven’t started this one yet so but I’ve loved many of her novels in the past. Sometimes I just need to get lost in some fiction!
This Cookbook has been added to the top of my wishlist. It’s amazingly good! PaleOMG (Juli Bauer) and CivilizedCaveman (GeorgeBryant) collaberated in this cookbook to create a masterpiece.
This book is one you read, return to for reference, recipes and information. One day you pass it down to your kids. Its that good. Diana is my idol and her book is full of info on homesteading, Paleo, sustainability, and healthy living.

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