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I Choose To Live Paleo Because…

 I want all these pills to remain supplements and not prescriptions.  

Right now all those pills are my life.  The thing is, they’re supplements, not prescriptions.  That is a huge difference.  Without getting too technical, because I’m not a doctor and this post isn’t meant to be medical advice, let me explain a little about what I mean.  Supplements are things like vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. Even sea salt. They are all able to be purchased over the counter, meaning the FDA doesn’t require a doctors prescription for them.   Websters definition of supplement, below, explains how it is meant to “enhance” and remedy deficiencies.  

If we think about that that is a big difference in what prescriptions are for. Prescriptions, aka medicine, are intended to cure diseases, manage symptoms of diseases/ailments, suppress the immune system and so much more. 

I won’t argue that medicine has its place and is very necessary. My point is simply this, given the choice between supplements or prescriptions I would choose the former over the latter any day.  Supplements often times don’t have any or as many side effects, and they allow the body to function the way it should.  Many prescriptions for autoimmune diseases have terrible side effects.  I truly understand that for a lot of people, having to take one can be the difference between life and death, walking or a wheelchair.  I’m fortunate that I was able to get a diagnosis before I reached the point of needing a prescription.  Sadly, I know that isn’t common.  But here’s the thing…

countless individuals have been able to come off prescription meds by changing their diet and lifestyle to a Paleo one.  

If you go to any Paleo Blog, my guess is at least 50% of them will tell you they have some sort of medical issue that this lifestyle has helped remedy.  Just go look at The Paleo Mom, Paleo Parents, Grass Fed Girl, and PaleoChef.  

It was partially by chance and partially through a friend who dabbled in Paleo that led me to these blogs.  My first intentions, almost a year ago, when I started looking up Paleo info on Pinterest was to lose weight that wouldn’t budge.  That’s when my eyes nearly popped out of my head to discover so many of the things I lived with weren’t a normal part of life, but symptoms of an underlying problem.  The weight just being one of them.  I’d packed on almost 20 lbs. I’ve always been the kind of person that could for the most part maintain my weight within a normal BMI. Not anymore, I struggled to lose even 5 lbs.  I ran, I dieted, I counted calories, I for the first time in my life joined a gym and actually went regularly.  It helped me drop 5 lbs but the rest wouldn’t budge.  I cried countless tears about something being wrong because this wasn’t normal for me.  My doctor tried telling me “it’s simple, calories in, calories out!” To which I replied “I only eat 1200 calories a day!” He dismissed that.  My poor husband said it was because I hit my 30’s.  I say “poor husband” because I may have flown off the handle at that answer.  Age 31 shouldn’t mean slower metabolism and gaining weight.  And it doesn’t.  

So I pinned and I read and I pinned some more. I kept seeing a recurring theme of thyroid problems, leaky gut problems, gluten sensitivities, the list is endless.  Connecting the dots I started to realize this might be the key to not only my weight loss but everything else as well.  Through these blogs and the people on Instagram it led me to functional medicine as well.  Paleo isn’t just a diet.  It’s a lifestyle.  A way of life for the rest of my life.  The principle is simple really; live, eat, sleep and breath the way God intended us to.  A natural lifestyle with whole foods the way our ancestors lived.  

Fast forward to now, 6 months into my Paleo lifestyle. I’m still learning, still making changes, still trying to fully implement a Paleo lifestyle and what my doctor has prescribed for me.  Massive changes don’t happen overnight.  I was extremely fortunate to catch my medical problems early and not require thyroid medication. I have a thyroid autoimmune disease but my thyroid is currently still functioning so I don’t need hormones to help replace it.  My plan is to keep it that way.  

As a side note, I’ve since not only lost the remaining 15 lbs but also an additional 5.  One year ago I weighed 147 lbs at 5’4″ and that wasn’t much muscle.  I felt miserable. I currently weigh 122 lbs and feel like a different woman.  Which brings me to the start of this post and all those pills you see.   

The pic below doesn’t show the additional two I take at lunch or the two I take before breakfast and dinner.  All of these, and the ones that aren’t pills, are to fix what I broke with a crappy diet and lifestyle for most of my life.  

My current daily supplement pills

Here’s the complete picture of what I take every, single, day.  For now. Keep in mind, none of these are medications.  They’re all something you can purchase over the counter.  

All my current daily supplements

These are what my functional medicine doctor has me taking after looking at all my test results.  I go back soon and he may remove some or put me on more.  Fixing what’s broken from a lifetime of poor eating doesn’t happen overnight. This journey will probably take two years but it’s better than a lifetime of prescriptions and pain. 


What I use to bring about Health

The picture above shows my supplements, some of my essential oils and something else that is vitally important to me.  A picture.  This picture along with hundreds of others I have stowed away show me why I live this way.  My 6 year old daughter drew this for me.  The brightness, cheerfulness, and love that is in this picture prove to me the need to live a long, healthy life.  By my example I’m also showing my daughters how to stay healthy.  They depend on me to feed them food and show them a way of life that will nourish their little bodies instead of making them sick, overweight and miserable.  I keep that picture in the box with my supplements so when I get frustrated with having to take them I’m reminded why I do it. 

I live Paleo for these reasons and countless others.  My advice is to do the research.  Don’t just take my word for it.  The science is behind this lifestyle.  I won’t say it’s easy because it’s not. It’s hard work, but nothing worth having in life is ever easy.  

My family and I standing in front of The Tree Of Life in Walt Disney World. My Goal: the be the strong roots of a healthy life for my entire family.

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