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Our Trip To A Local Dairy and Farm

Our life has been so nonstop the last few years that we have finally been able to reign in some of the craziness and spend more time just doing things we WANT to do.  That feeling is amazing!   Kids grow up so fast, as most parents can attest to, and we are really trying to cherish this time with our girls while they’re little.  I told my honey I think we need to take Sunday’s and spend them, as best we can, relaxing and not doing work unless we genuinely want to.  I didn’t get any arguments from him on this particular bright idea of mine. 😉 As I’ve mentioned in other posts healing from adrenal fatigue and autoimmune diseases also means making lifestyle changes that allow for less stress and more happiness.  

We had a blast today doing just that.  Relaxing and spending time together.  After the visit to the dairy farm, we even went to visit some family we haven’t seen in years on their big farm.  The girls got to check out the big tractors, little tractors, combines, and so much more!  I have to say the best part was hearing old stories and taking time to just be with those you love.  

Enough of my chatter and on to some cute pics!  

This dairy farm has all kinds of animals for visitors to feed, pet and admire.  They have set times you can watch them milk the cows too!  As well as set up trips for tours and to bottle feed the baby calves.  If you’re not strict Paleo then feel free to indulge in some whole milk ice cream made from the milk their cows produce.  Back in my pre-Paleo days I LOVED that ice cream. They have a caramel cappuccino that made my taste buds sing.  I’m now dairy free so I admire from afar.  


My Primal Family (no ice cream for me)
I counted at least 4 roosters and we found hens all over laying eggs in various places.

So beautiful
Roosters aren’t all mean, these guys kept to themselves and didnt mind be followed around
This peacock was putting on quite a show for everyone.
Pictures don’t do justice to the beauty

Everytime I would try to get a good shot to take a pic, it would turn.
more geese than I could count!

So many babies on the farm
lots of hissing to stay away from their babies


Mini-me feeding the geese




The goats are always a fave
these sheep loved mini-me

bunnies too
buddies…a piggy and a calf
that face cracks me up


Look at that adorable face!
mini-hubs couldnt get enough of this one

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