Heartbreaking Update On Our Chickens


the girls waiting to be let out for some free ranging

I’m going to keep the post short.  This week has been devastating.  We lost all of our chickens.  I’d rather not get into the details of what happened because at this point we suspect malicious activity.  We’ve talked to many poultry experts and none of them believe it was a disease.  

It happened over the course of two days and I cried hysterically.  My youngest, mini-hubs, is one of the biggest animal lovers I’ve met and the poor thing tried to remain strong when we broke the news to them. When I told her it was ok to cry and be sad because mommy was too, her tiny floodgates opened and she cried so hard.  We all four loved those birds and were so excited to collect their eggs. Watching them grow and laughing at their silly behaviors was something that we truly enjoyed.  A dream of ours gone overnight. These chickens were pets to us and as crazy as that may sound to some, I’m sure many of you get what I’m saying.  It was horrifying waking up to that and each morning since then I wake up and think it’s a bad dream.  

We won’t be getting anymore chickens this year.  We don’t want to risk losing all of them again. We aren’t sure what happened and if it’s what we suspect then it’s possible it would happen again.  It took me a few days to write this post but I felt I owed it to my readers to let them know why I’m not talking chickens anymore.  

I’ll leave you with some pictures of our short 10 week fun filled journey with our girls. 


the day we bought our chicks
Bailey was very curious about them
Their brooder in our garage

Bailey and Mini-hubs watching the chicks
Getting bigger


and bigger
They loved these chicks

Bailey keeping watch over her flock.

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