Garden Update Week 1 

Our spinach is starting to sprout!   That’s the good news…


First seeds sprouting!

The not so good news….


20 straight hours of rain=flooded garden and swale
21 hours of rain=really flooded garden and swale

Yup.  We got some rain.  So much rain in fact that I practically needed a boat to get to my poor chickens.   


Dear chickens, God promised to never flood the earth again. No ark required but definitely some fresh woodchips are in order.

 I wish I had a picture of the cute little muskrat swimming around in the swale.  The best part was mini-hubs telling us she saw a squirrel without a fluffy tail dive into the water with its hands above its head.   I stood and watched and sure enough the little thing was swimming around then would get out and eat some weeds. Then dive back in. Not sure about the “hands above the head part” 😆. 

I love all the wildlife the swale brings in to our yard.  My kitchen dining area is all windows along the back of the house, and that makes perfect viewing for the birds, ducks, deer, woodchucks, muskrat, squirrels and everything else.  Should be fun to keep them out of the garden though!  

The rain finally stopped yesterday afternoon but the water didn’t start receding until late into the night.  I thank God our sump pump has kept up with all the water!  A flooded basement wouldn’t be fun!  This morning the garden still had some giant flooded areas but by this afternoon they’ve gone down even more.  


The water level is finally going down in the swale.

Mini-hubs and I ventured out to feed the chickens and took a little tour of the garden. She giggled the whole way, following mommies tracks in the mud so she wouldn’t fall.   She’s become quite the little chicken keeper and lets them in and out all on her own.  I’m not sure what’s sweeter, watching the chicks walk down the ramp like a stampede and kind of collect around her legs to see if she has any treats or watching her pick them up and rock them like babies.  Yes, she rocks the chickens.  She’s 6 and quite the animal lover.  

sinking into the mud and making safe tracks for mini-hubs

Anyhow, at least I don’t have to water the garden for awhile right?! 

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