Lessons From The Gym

Went to the gym tonight. Crawled out.  Yup. Sometimes I don’t think. But I LOVE DEADLIFTS

It’s been such an exhausting last few months with my thyroid problems that I’ve neglected going to the gym regularly. I’m slowly working my way back into it because I freakin love lifting weights!   I walk (or crawl) out of the gym after a good workout and feel powerful and strong and happy.  

In all fairness when I joined the gym back in August, a mere 6 months ago, I only thought about how it would do wonders for my body. I never imagined that what would keep me going was instead the way it made me feel emotionally.  I very often regret not starting sooner in life. But I think everything happens at the right time and for a reason.  

Working out has become for me a way to reduce stress and build my self esteem.  It’s how I show myself that I matter to me. Taking that time out to go spend at the gym can feel selfish or like a waste but it’s not.  As a mom I sometimes think I should be home doing other stuff like laundry, dishes, mopping, etc etc etc. Reality is my first job is to take care of me so I have the strength, energy, and emotional stamina to be that mommy I need to be.  It’s why I choose to skip pizza night and have a salad, or forgo that cookie, not drink that Pepsi, and listen to my gut when it says something is wrong internally.  My health matters and without it I have nothing, because what kind of life is one sitting on the couch all day? 

When I joined the gym it was with a good friend. She and I would meet at 4:30AM and I would struggle to even remotely keep up with her.  I would whine and moan and spend more time talking than lifting.  Until one day something clicked and I realized how much I actually loved lifting weights!!   After a few months she joined a Cross Fit gym and I was left to keep up my own motivation to go alone.  That’s when I learned I could do it. I could workout AND give myself a great workout. Some days it’s tough because I want to learn Olympic lifting and get help with my barbell complex but I just do what I can. I walk out happy with what I did accomplish.  I have amazing friends that help me when they can and its made all the difference.  I’d prefer to stay injury free so it’s priceless advice. I take what I can get! 

If only I’d take their advice on not killing myself all in one shot so I’m so sore I can’t work out for two (or three) days?!  Baby steps right?  This same friend also told me years ago to stop counting calories and eat more food, good food.  It only took me a few years to listen to that advice lol.  Dang I wish I’d listened sooner!  Ok maybe I really should listen to their advice on taking things a little slower at the gym?!  I don’t need to PR every single time.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates admitting when they’re wrong???  

Tonight’s lesson at the gym-

Take the advice from those who know more than you do on certain subjects.  Don’t be that jerk that thinks you know better when you know you don’t.  Suck it up and admit you’re wrong or at least just zip your mouth and silently take their advice.  It’s not as painful as admitting you’re wrong. 😉 

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