Primal Pesto Fondue


This. Was. Amazing.

I’m talking we ate the whole pot good.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to make a special dinner that the whole family would love. I’ve had a fondue pot that my grandma bought me back in 2005. I only know it was that year because she wrote on the box “Love, Grandma 2005”. This was the first time I’ve used it. After last nights dinner it’ll be coming out in a more regular rotation.

I did a little research on making fondue and learned a few tips
•use a high quality block cheese and grate it yourself (avoid that nasty bagged shredded cheese)
•mix the shredded cheese with a thickener-such as arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, potato starch, or flour if you’re not gluten free
•mix the cheese into the boiling liquid a little at a time, a small handful at a time and stir then add more. If you dump it all in at once it’ll clump and won’t be smooth and creamy
•don’t add salt until you’ve tasted the fondue. Cheese is pretty salty on its own and you may not need any extra salt.
•prep all your dippers first then make your fondue because it won’t take long to make and you don’t want it cold or too hot and it sticks to the pan



▪️1 1/2 cups Chardonnay white wine
▪️2 Tb pesto (I used homemade)
▪️3 cups grassfed raw mozzarella cheese, shredded
▪️1 cup grassfed raw cheddar cheese, shredded
▪️2 Tb arrowroot starch
▪️1/2 Tb garlic powder


Combine shredded cheese with arrowroot starch.

In a medium saucepan or fondue pot bring wine and pesto to a slow boil.

Add cheese a small handful at a time to the simmering wine mixture and stir gently. Continue adding cheese and stirring until it’s all incorporated and smooth. Stir in garlic powder and serve.

I served this fondue with ribeye steak, Italian chicken sausage, steamed baby potatoes, raw baby broccoli, steamed carrots, and gluten free bread cubes.


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