“Coincidences are Gods way of remaining anonymous”


This quote has always been one of my fave quotes. It’s not that I believe God likes to remain “anonymous”. What I believe is God likes to work through people to answer prayers and if we have our hearts open to God then we recognize Him in other people.

As I was driving home tonight from my daughters dance class it hit me. Hard. To the point I was giddy and ready to jump out of my seat from excitement. Two days ago I wrote about being lonely in this diagnosis and tonight I sat at dance and spent an hour and a half laughing, completely riveted by the conversation between a good friend and another mom I just met tonight. We talked all things holistic, health and gluten (ahh that nasty beast! 😝). We exchanged numbers and got in our cars to head home, still talking through our windows. I could easily talk for hours longer to both these women.

The irony is not lost on me the “coincidence” of tonight. I needed this boost of encouragement and fellowship. I’ve been praying for it. I will continue to pray for it and have HOPE that God will continue to be by my side on this journey.

2 thoughts on ““Coincidences are Gods way of remaining anonymous”

  1. I agree! Coincidence- not likely! Meeting people who may not have the same issues, but can at least understand the struggle is refreshing! Taking charge of our health is so hard!! You are amazing and I love to follow along on this journey with you!!


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